how to start up selling on ebay as cheaply as possible.

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HI...I was homeless and living in a vehicle five years ago,so I do speak to those in a similar situation with some personal experience..this guide and others I will write are to the poor disadvantaged...marginalised and forgotten members of the world no matter which country you currently live long as you can read too can change your life around..all for very little money but alot of effort...most places within australia now have a local library or council based facility that offers free but limited access to the *INTERNET*first find out for you where your nearest one is and go join up...I was able to go on the internet completely for free for one hour a day...if you want or need more time than this but can't afford to connect to the internet yourself or you don't have your own computer make that one of your first goals...after somewhere to live if you are in a vehicle or backpacker etc...that is if you want to change or improve your current living can survive quite well in a vehicle for months or weeks at a time...easily broken up by limited stays at camping grounds or other similar low priced often as you can afford to wash yourself and all your now you have a roof over your head somewhere and a free computer to use and free internet...thou currently serverly restricted and also not very be careful especially when entering passwords and doing internet vigialant but not excessive...don't log in for the day on any shared computer...I even log in everytime still on my home computer to maintain financial internet and ebay should start to practice this if you don't already unless your lucky enough to live alone...women especially...keep your bussiness information to yourself as much as matter how long you have been with your current partner if you have is easy for things to go sour sometimes alot more quickly than you were ever expecting they could and this information of you on the internet including your ebay account and all non-joint bank accounts should be keep private by matter how long you have been in a relationship with this day and age everyone has the right to control there own finances...and if you are following my bussiness principles to make money...which I hope you are...change all your old shared and known passwords *TODAY*from banking to ebay to your emails...very important first step is to change them all and put some thought into creating new and bigger passwords with numbers/symbols and letters it is alot easier to do than you think...look at the effort you put into creating your own ebay more than this for your passwords and start afresh...knowing you are finacially independant and ready to make and keep track of your own money...for some of you...especially women due to the structures of todays modern society it was somehow frowned on for women to be independant with their money not just their opinions!!!now you know your money is safe and fully trackable in everyway via the computer and internet which is available currently to you for free as long as you need it...until you have enough money to pay for the next steps for or computer or even the internet for the first time or more or faster...whatever you want when you can afford it...try to avoid debt were possible and wait...get as much as you can for free where you can...this week I got a new phone plus free 6mp camera with internel memory of nine photos as a free bonus...all for $30 a month for only two years???I spent no money...passed the crdit checks and walked out with new in the boxes camera/software/computer/cables/manuel and phone with front and back cameras so eventually I can put my items and face onto the internet all without spending a cent...only do this if you don't have a phone and or a camera...if you have both already you are already half way dont need to go into debt to have two???only have one set of both...I now carry and use two phones that I never thought would work or need but it does and I do...but I only have one camera as I didn't have one of my own or access to one anymore this was a good business option and cheap immediate solution for me...immediately with the camera and your ebay account you can now start to make money immediately by listing your items with photos with are needed 90% of the time for a sale this modern world...your matter how good...or however long...cannot compete against even one photo which is also available to you for you can start to sell very easily and for free as you pay at the end of the month not at the start or as you list so this gives you up to four whole weeks to sart generating your own small business income solely available thru ebay...end of part one..jt..
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