iGolf Neo Review by Qualified Golf Coach & GPS Expert

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iGolf Neo Review by Qualified Golf Coach & GPS Expert

Review by Lawrence Bredenkamp



There has been a lot of talk, questions and debate on a number of forums and in magazines about the iGolf Neo but I have yet to find a comprehensive review.

In this article I intend to give you a short review on this particular model and I have assumed that you are familiar with the basic functions and uses of a golf GPS.

The iGolf Neo has all the basics functions that you will need to play and improve your golf with, it is not loaded with irrelevant "bells and whistles". The folks at iGolf have concentrated on bringing us a no nonsense, extremely useful and more than functional model that has all the versatility that you will need at a very low price.


It has the following features:


-Comes with 5 courses of your choice and has an option to download further courses for an annual subscription of just under $35.00. The annual subscription needs some explanation. Unlike any other subscription this one allows for up to 100 golf courses per annum to be downloaded - for each year that you pay. In my experience there are very few weekend golfers that play more than 100 different courses in a lifetime let alone 1 year so this is an extremely generous download limit for the annual fee of just under $35.00.

The most attractive part of the annual subscription is that it is not compulsory and once downloaded you get to keep the courses on your own PC and not on some remote server. They "belong" to you and you can then stop your annual subscription and still retain full use of your iGolf Neo and the courses you have downloaded on to your computer.

- You can store up to 10 courses in the unit itself. This is probably adequate for most golfers

- Can be used anywhere in the world and with the 20 satellite channels is very accurate to within a couple of yards

- It is the cheapest unit on the market as well as the smallest. The size makes for one handed operation. It also allows fits comfortably in your pocket without losing any signals from the satellites.

- The Neo has an 80 x 120 pixel high contrast LCD screen which is very easy to read.

- The 14 hours of battery life that you get from the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is the longest of any Golf GPS models that I have come across. Recharging the battery takes half an hour or so and can be done either from a wall socket or through a UBS port on your computer.

- It has a shot distance feature which allows you to learn exactly how far you hit each club in your bag. The more you play the more familiar and confident you become with your own game. You cannot help but improve.

- You can map up to 4 individual reference points per hole to suit your requirements.

- Quite simply you could purchase a more expensive model that does exactly the same or purchase the Neo and have a couple of hundred dollars change in your pocket.


This review would be incomplete without telling you the negatives:

- Firstly it is unfortunately not compatible with MAC computers. It operates off Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

- The belt clip is very flimsy and really not worth having. However the iGolf Neo fits comfortably in your pocket.

- The accompanying Start Up and User manuals leave a bit to be desired but the unit is so easy to operate that these are hardly required.

Having reviews a total of 17 different top selling models I can honestly say that this little baby is top of the class in terms of value for money, unless you particularly want a model that has a color screen and other bells and whistles.

I suppose the best review would come from current owners all of whom say they are more than happy with their purchase.

What can possibly be better than positive endorsements from happy users?

I hope you have found this iGolf Neo Review useful and that it will help you in deciding what GPS to purchase.


Lawrence Bredenkamp is a qualified golf coach and a mad keen golfer. He has several golfing websites one of which is dedicated solely to Golf GPS.

This website has the most comprehensive comparison chart available on the web. It provides a full review of each of the most popular models and gives recommendations based on budget.

Buy your GPS using this information and rest assured that you have bought the best available for the money you have spent

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