iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire

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iPad 2 vs. Kindle FireAs Android tablets grow in popularity, consumers are faced with a choice between them and the iPad. Amazon’s Kindle Fire has particularly been on the rise in acceptance, but how does it stack up against Apple’s iPad? Both tablets can accomplish largely the same functions, but consumer choice ultimately comes down to preference. This guide highlights the fundamental differences between the two tablets and offers buyers advice on how to find the tablet of their choice on eBay.


The Differences Between the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire


The iPad 2 is larger than the Kindle Fire in all respects. At 9.5 x 7.31 x .34 inches, the iPad 2 boasts a 9.7-inch display and slightly higher resolution (1024 x 786 pixels). The Kindle Fire, at 7.5 x 4.7 x 0.45 inches, has a 7-inch display with a 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. Differences in picture quality are, however, hardly noticeable since the Kindle’s smaller display compensates for its lower resolution. The iPad weighs 601g, almost 200g heavier than the Kindle Fire at 413g.


The Kindle Fire is only available in black, while the iPad 2 comes in black and white. The button placement and overall design of the iPad 2 also looks sharper. Buyers should remember that adding a protective cover on either tablet alters the outward appearance.


Storage is an important factor to consider if the buyer intends to download lots of apps and media content. When comparing these two tablets in terms of storage, it is important to consider the cost per gigabyte of memory available. The entry-level iPad 2 packs a total of 16GB, with 14GB of this space available to the user. At an additional cost, the buyer can go for the 32GB or 64GB model. The Kindle Fire on the other hand starts at 8GB, with 6GB of this available to the user. It is, however, several hundred dollars cheaper than the iPad 2, making the cost per GB of storage significantly lower.

Operating System

The iPad 2 runs on Apple’s iOS while the Kindle Fire runs on Android. While the latest versions of both platforms are very intuitive, there are differences in the interface design and in terms of getting tasks done. Apple’s iOS is generally more stable, while Android is the more customisable of the two.

Apps and Multimedia

Apple’s app store boasts close to a million apps, 475,000 of which Apple claims are optimised for the iPad. The Kindle Fire provides access to at least 100,000 apps listed in the Amazon app store, in addition to the millions of apps in the Google Play store, but the proportion of those optimised for the tablet experience is much lower. Both tablets are arguably evenly matched in the multimedia content space - books, music, movies and live streaming are available at about the same volumes and prices.

Battery Life

The Kindle Fire has a shorter battery life estimated at 8 hours compared to the iPad 2’s 10 hours. This is likely to vary on how the tablet is used. Newer versions like the Kindle Fire HDX have significantly improved on this though.


Both tablets offer Wi-Fi connectivity but the iPad also provides 3G connectivity, which the Kindle Fire does not. This can be a concern for users constantly on the move.


The iPad 2 is more than twice as expensive as the Kindle Fire. In this regard, the buyer needs to consider the user experience each tablet offers in relation to the price and decide which one best suits their needs.

Buying the Kindle Fire and iPad 2 on eBay

Buying either tablet on eBay is easy. The quicker option is to enter a specific search term in the search box, such as "iPad 2 16GB" or “Kindle Fire.” On the left panel, the buyer can filter by price, storage, seller, condition, etc., or navigate to a different brand of tablets. Alternatively, the buyer can navigate to the “iPads, Tablets & eReaders” category and narrow down to a specific iPad 2 or Kindle Fire edition.
A number of payment options are available on eBay, including PayPal and credit card. Shipping terms and conditions will vary by seller.


Both tablets offer a quality user experience and provide access to a broad range of multimedia content and books. Despite the differences, what the buyer needs to consider most is the kind of experience they want out of their tablet; and though the price difference is considerable, preferences among users are certain to vary. Finally, buyer’s choice aside, there’s a wide array of accessories for the iPad 2, Kindle Fire and other tablets to choose from on eBay.

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