iPhone 2nd Gen features GPS, Nike Plus TV remote etc

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Is this going to be more real than Paris Hilton had a boob job? We'll see.

The next gen iPhone, as well as offering the obvious 3G connectivity, could feature GPS, Nike+, Bluetooth Stereo, and even double up as a remote control for Apple TV.

The rumours concerning the next instalment of the iPhone from Apple are still coming thick and fast, and the latest concern some exciting new features which mentioned above.

Rumours? Hell no! According to our reliable intel, except the Apple TV one, which is also doing the rounds, have to be taken with a pinch of salt. But still, it’s nice to dream isn’t it?

Nike+ looks like a shoe-in, with Nike supposedly confirming the inclusion itself. The applications will exploit the iPhone’s graphical capabilities, and also utilise Wi-Fi and 3G. The Nike+ Coach software, which you can use to log your training, and improve your routine, is set to make iPhone users fitter than they currently are.

The rest of the features are rumoured after strings were found in the firmware update indicating them.

‘HeadphonesBT’ and ‘RoleA2DP’ could indicate support for Bluetooth Stereo headphones.

‘RoleGPS’ may indicate GPS support.

‘RoleRemote’ has been translated as the iPhone being used in a remote control capacity, probably for Apple TV.

All or none of these could end up being accurate, but the chances are at least some will. Put these new features with the new pricing structure and design functions, and a total picture of the new iPhone starts to become clear.

It’ll be priced at the same level as the current iPhone, but will basically be a new and improved model in every way you can imagine.

We should know what is and what isn’t true in the next 60 days, as all the signs are indicating that Apple will officially unveil the release in that time frame. Until then, let the speculation continue - it’s the new game sweeping the nation.

Just a tip for you guys out there who are using an iPhone, DO NOT DROP IT!  or it wil break! Yes, I've broken mine, as friagle as thin crystal glass....>_< Get an iPhone protector if you can.

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