iPhone 4 Case Buying Guide

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iPhone 4 Case Buying Guide

When purchasing an iPhone or any other Smartphone, it is recommended that the consumer buys a protective case with it in order to prevent damage. There are a wide variety of cases available in different designs and colours, and eBay is a great place to start the search. Damaging the screen on your iPhone can result in its functionality dramatically decreasing in value, so a cover is certainly advisable to help stop this happening.

Buying Considerations for an iPhone 4 Case

Whatever case you choose, it mustn't block the bottom speaker, microphone, headphone jack, camera lens dock connector port and front facing camera. The exception is if the case is one designed as such that you remove the iPhone to use it. Make sure the case is easily removed as many of them aren't compatible with docking stations and must be removed before use. Ensure that the case you select is specific to your model as there is some variation.

The Different Case Types

The following section will look to highlight the many different case types that can be purchased for the iPhone 4:

Sleeves and Pouches:

This type completely encases the iPhone 4 to protect it from exterior damage. Many provide extra padding to help guard against any bangs the device may receive. Cases are available on eBay and vary in colour and outer design. The user will have to remove the phone from the cover for usage.


This type of case allows the iPhone to be stored on your belt or bag strap, but again covers the entire phone so it would need to be taken out for usage.

Outer Shells

These cases cover the outer of the iphone and often allow unrestricted access to all aspects of the device. If the user keeps their iPhone in a pocket or purse and needs easy access, then the shell casing allows for it. Usually these cases enclose the phone in a thin layer of metal or plastic and can protect against small bumps and scratches but not drops. They are often of a similar size to your phone and tend not to add more size to it. Consider hard or transparent plastic cases if the user is looking to maintain the phones shiny surface. Cases with sides that protrude past the iPhone's screen can be beneficial as if the phone is placed face down it can rest on the case rather than the screen of the phone itself.

Rubber Skins

These cases enclose the device layer of silicone rubber, the thinner version protects against scratches whereas the thicker case provides extra shock protection. This provides the phone with extra grip and they tend to be extremely simply to remove from the device.


This type of case is the most lightweight and only wraps around the edge of the phone. It allows for the phones true appearance to be shown but does offer less protection for the user.

Flip Cases

This type of case offers more protection than most but it is also quite bulky. For the user, these cases are seen as a compromise between all of the others. They can often include a pocket for cash or cards and can act as a stand if the user wishes to watch videos or photo slideshows.

Gym Armbands

A case of this type is designed for users who do some form of physical training. It offers shock resistance and moisture protection while wrapping around your arm as you workout.

Screen Protections and Body Films

A lot of iPhone cases include clear adhesive film but you can also buy it separately. They are invisible and protect the touch screen but the remainder of the phone remains exposed.

Ultimate Case:

This case is designed for people who treat their devices roughly or venture into difficult environments and can offer weather and shock protection. They are quite bulky and make the phones buttons and outer ports tough to access but allow the user to be worry free about damage. Some are even sand and water proof and these can be found on eBay.

How to Buy an iPhone 4 Case on eBay

Buying an iPhone 4 case on eBay requires the user to have an idea of the type of case required. A general case search will produce thousands of results and it may prove difficult to separate them. Begin by typing the name of the case, such as "iPhone 4 flip case" into the search bar and this will produce a results page. The user can then use eBay's category system to filter the results that appear tailored to what they want from the case. Filtering by price and colour is often a good way of limiting the search to options that appear. Shopping for an iPhone 4 case on eBay is a great way for the consumer to find the case they want for a price they can afford and are willing to pay. Using eBay's rating system allows the user to read previous service reviews and view the star rating of the seller.


This guide provided details about prospective iPhone 4 cases that are available to purchase. eBay is the perfect place to begin any search and offers the user a variety of filtering tools that will help them make the correct and most informed decision.

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