iPhone and iPad car chargers

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I purchased an iPhone/iPad car charger for $19.99. It was received within two weeks. I tried it in my car.....did not work. Tried it in another car....did not work. I contacted the supplier who initially stated that having sold a lot of these units it was strange that mine should be faulty and I was asked to do a few things to check. After more correspondence the supplier asked me to send the unit back by registered mail and if the unit was found faulty a new one would be supplied. I worked out that after the cost of the mail to the supplier which woudl not be reimbursed, this unit would have cost me twice as much as a new one at a local shop. I did not send the unit back and it ended up in the bin. 

I recommend that people check with their local shop for items of that value as since the goods might have to be sent back at the purchaser cost, the operation will be negative. Overall ebay has a good policy but some suppliers are fraudulent are know that people (like me) will not pursue the matter of refund as it will end up costing more that the goods.


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