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Hi there.

I know this is not a search for a product, -but an important rule that needs to be added, even as a 'site-help-search'

I feel like I have to email you whether I win anything or not. BUT, this is a BIG problem that really needs fixing on ebay.

The big problem being that bad buyers who want to opt out of their obligations can leave a negative if a seller leaves them a negative.

I personally have NOT left a negative for  non-payers a few times, as they are able to use the ebay feedback system to leave me an un-deserved negative , just to be spiteful. The 3 I have are from non paying, de-registered buyers. They can no longer been seen so as to be scrutinised by other ebayers as ebay has limited feedback ratings comments now.

I really think that before a BUYER leaves a negative that they are asked  on the feedback page "Have you paid for this item ?"

They should NOT be able to leave a negative if they haven`t paid.. This costs sellers money with only sellers who are a business can absorb these costs but most sellers really can`t afford to lose money.

Sellers who are not a business cannot afford 3 negatives as the sales aren`t high enough..


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