increditably high shipping cost

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buyers beware , always find out the postage and shipping cost before you commit to the buy, no matter what the urgency is. like many others i have been caught out several times in this area, im actually writting this guide because i almost fell into the same trap again, but this time i was very lucky,my bids were done with twelve hours or more still remaining on the auction, so this twelve hour gap, before the auction ends enabled me to be able to retract my bids.(to retract a bid go to HELP on top right hand side of the page and ebay allows the retraction, only if twelve hours still remains on auction) my impulsive urge to buy,when i thought what a bargain have turned out to be very expensive,simply because of the postage and example i have, is an item cost was $25.50 and for a 1000 piece poker chip set i almost fell over myself at the thought of what a bargain, to then find out postage was $90 , and it was in same country not an international delivery. in the same search list some sellers are able to post for $10 and $15 while others were as high as $90, this i cannot understand, no bargain is worth buying when there is such a blantant rip off in postage and shipping. so buyers go to all means to find that postage cost before you are committed to the buy. thank you i hope this helps.
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