iphone 6 battery life

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The importance of having a fully charged mobile phone, cannot be understated !

Have you ever been stranded with a flat iPhone ?

Been out shopping, or stuck with a broken down vehicle, and you can't call for help, as your mobile phone is flat ?

Or has a loved one, or your child been out at night and you haven't heard from them, could their mobile phone battery be flat ?

Well that is why it is essential to have a spare iPhone or Android backup Power Bank
  • When you drive a vehicle, you carry a spare tyre ?
  • When you're sailing ,you carry a spare raft ?
  • At home you generally hide a spare key. ?

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So why wouldn't you carry a spare mobile phone battery powerbank charger.
Since selling the PowerBanks on eBay I have received quite a lot of positive feedback from customers who have been helped in precarious situations, by the use of a spare PowerBank. And the compact nature of the PowerBank, makes it light, portable and convenient. I know that if I ever break down in a dark shady dangerous neighbourhood, and my car battery is flat, I will always have a 100% Android or iPhone backup battery powerbank available.

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