ipods and MP4 players

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OK , as a seller of MP3/MP4 players it always amazes me that so many people seem to think that Apple are the only company legally making these types of players.

If you want a genuine Apple MP4 player then only look at listings that mention genuine Apple Ipod.
It wastes both your time and the sellers time if you send questions asking if the $40 player is the same as the $200 Apple one in the shops.

It isn't! The features will be similar , but if you want a genuine Apple then be prepared to pay for the name , much the same as buying a BMW is different to buying a Commodore. You have still bought a car , but there are differences.

Lower priced MP4 players do not have to mean inferior product - if you are not fussed about name brands , then you could save a lot of money.

Look for sellers that offer long warranty for their items , and better still buy locally rather than China or Hong Kong. If something goes wrong , and with everything that is made there are bound to be some faulty ones sneak through , it is easier to send back locally than to overseas.

Ands as for copies or OEM models , I could get the players I sell labeled as Apple if I wanted for only a few cents more per unit , which I won't do. But many people would think of selling these copies as genuine so caution is advised.
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