learning to read a Buyer/Seller

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I have been a member of E-bay for sometime now. I am a power seller as well as a trading assistant.
A few of my friends have asked me what to look for when buying or selling and i have decided to write this in as a guide for any newbie e-bayers. I hope this helps in some way :-)

If you are buying:
Always check the Sellers feedback. Now bear in mind that you can't please everyone and sometimes it is unavoidable getting neg feedback. But what you need to look for in particular is the comments both from the buyer and the seller. I use this to determine whether my Seller is an Aggressive/Rude or Nasty. this can be told by reading thier response to the person who left them neg. feedback.

Check how often and for what reasons they have negative feedback. If it is consistant problem then I suggest you move on and buy from someone else.

If You are selling:
Once again, check the persons feedback. You can also set your parametres in your selling set ups to ban negative feedbacks and such. ( worth a look) Also, when setting up your item to be sold, ask that anyone with 0 or up to 2 feedback to contact you first. this should help in ascertaining that they are genuine and also gives you some ammunition if they dont pay to send to E-bay.

And above all, if you are having a problem with a buyer or seller....COMMUNICATE!!!! Most problems can be solved if both parties are cival to each other. Avoid slandering, name calling and threats. This will only result in e-bay de-registering you.


Not everyone on e-bay is out to rip you off, just a very very select few and I can tell you from first hand experience that the staff at e-bay do not mess around as long as it is reported to them with all the relevant information.

And last but not least.....click on the various links that e-bay have provided, there is a world of helpfull information that will become simple common sense when you read it.

Enjoy yourself, get rid of those dusty knick-knacks that have been in granpas shed for a squillion years. ( although, you may want to dust then first) make some money then start looking around to see what you can buy to fill that gap that is now in granpas workshop :-)

Hope this has been of some help to some of you and I look forward to ewither buying or selling to you.
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