make sure the item is a bargin.

Like if this Guide is helpful
Hope this guide will be of some help to those new to ebay, firstly l like to point out there are lots of bargins out there in the land of ebay, however be sure that you know the current market price of what you are bidding for, next make sure that you check or read all information about the postage details. Do you have to pay insurance and or high postage?, just because you can buy something for 0.01c does not always mean that it is a bargin after you have added postage and insurance. Next check on the sellers feedback so you can find out if  they have a good selling record or not, if you are happy with the feedback and the price of the item why not go for it. l like to use palpay as this is quick and very easy. Sometimes you may get emails to offer you an item that you have bidded on and did not win, if this happens be carefull and use your best jugement , l like to go through ebay at least that way l know that there are channels that l can go through if something does go wrong. after you make a bid keep an eye on how the bidding is going especcialy towards the end of the auction, this is where you are more likely to get outbidded. delively time depends on where the item has to come from eg if it has to come from overseas it can take a little longer due to custums, one last piece of advice know what you would like to bid on before you go onto ebay, as like anything  impulse buying can lead to over spending. my last words will be about experience you dont need it to bag a great bargin on ebay, you only have to use common sence and please dont bid on something and then not pay for the item. have fun and hope you all get a great deal on ebay. and all have a nice day Debbie
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