my trading top ten recomendations on ebay and why???jt.

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today is 5/2/08...I currently have 35 "FAVOURITE SELLER's" selected...learn more about this feature if you like me until now...haven't had much time or need to do anything except link in for store emails you have the oppertunity of recomending a fellow ebay trader and even creating links and guides to benifit other's at no cost to you except time and no cost to them at all...thanks jt...I have number them from one to ten randomly...number one for this week is... 162123missy...I spent hundreds here last year buying children's BOOKs...excellent service everytime...number two books_n_stuff_au who currently have these stats of (1879*)...number three discover*little*treasures POWER SELLERcurrent stats are (1588*)...I'll let you discover your own tresures here too...number four...short and sweet foxwa...pleasure trading with this ebay number five is goose_88...contains privately veiwed items but harmeless just on the countdown is one of my favourite names jalyandco1 POWER SELLER currently with some of the highest good stats I have traded with and it was a pleasure everytime,consistantly...which is why I am a repeat customer...beat these STATS for you sports fans...(10735**)...power seller and "me"...which stand's for what???anyone who know's what the m and e symbol stand for,please tell me when you fill out a reveiw of this guide as I currently don't number seven is jazmyn3.8.02who stats are currently (230*) from one small trader to another congradulations so far and I also picked you because my youngest child's name is jasmine...number sons lucky ka124312 and nine is matzakof(395*) unfortunately or fortuneately I have decided to include myself in something for the first time in ages with parts of my name/logo's/brands,paintings and collectable artwork from joannes_art that has already been sold sucessfully in NEW ZEALAND THRU A RETAIL OUTLET REAL WORLD and COPYRIGHTED CORRECTLY AS A FAMILY RUN BUSINESS SO NOT ONLY AM I FORMING MY OWN COMPANIES ETC ETC BUT UNDER my "BRANDNAME"...which is "joannes_art" on ebay solely from her own home base of melbourne,with a younger!!!sister whose own patented brandname is "lovely"...and they have patent rights and claims between the comercial use of there very own initials and even name like joanne...or I was born in 1971 and have a correctly archived and extremely sentimental picture of ten young artistic geniusis' which I am one...have there first photo as artists as themselves...holdijg...there certificates and awards with my complete full name and address as they did back then in that area???I had learnt very quickly in life the way to make friends and learn to belong...came cute naturally to me as I was born into this world backwards and have now emerged from the find that my work had been distributing itself all around the world for free until I took back creative control to my own original thought's which was an early copyright law as they constantly have to keep adding to it as our technology/media ...
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