negative feed back being removed from power sellers

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Hope this helps all, as i see a lot of reproductions being sold as the real original en online, some even by POWER SELLERS, with 100% positive feed back and over 10,000.00 left feedback.

Positive Feed-back

There is one very important thing we must as collectors/buyers of militaria, and that is the sad fact that 100% positive feedback, makes us feel good about buying from that seller, However on the other hand it also can be a great tool for dishonest dealers. Let me explain how and why i make this statement,first of all human nature has a element of greed, self-worth and dishonesty. I have seen and left feedback for dodgy  militaria that was sold as a original war time items , this can be very upsetting to a buyer, yet it happens all around the globe every day, and the dealers/sellers manage to keep a 100% positive feedback, i will explain here how that happens.

Dishonest dealers even some powersellers, get to continue selling fake medals and other militaria by having a great track record in re-guards to selling items. If you as a buyer leave negative feedback for a item that was a copy or a fake item. your feedback will and can be wiped, if the buyer request the removal of negative feedback for these 2 reasons. 
examples a) the buyer in a message said or wrote this is not a real original time item its a copy a cheap fake, and i will leave negative feed back if i don't get a refund etc eta. Ok ebay views that message as a threat or extortion in re guards to this part of the message "   i will leave negative feedback if i don't". so your negative feedback that you left just disappears and never to be found again.
 b) as soon as the seller gives a full refund for the item that he/she" tried to pass of as an original authentic item"any negative feedback can and will be removed at the buyer request by eBay on the grounds that once a full refund has been given then technically, you never brought the item so you can not leave any feedback in re-guards to that transaction, even though you payed for it, and a dealer tried to rip you of by sending a fake. 

This is so very wrong,
 as it allow's dishonest sellers to continue to pass of cheap fake militaria as 100% authentic, and gets away with it as well as hiding behind their 100% positive feedback and uses that  feedback as a tool to make some fast cash by being dishonest.

How can we fix that problem.
 I think there is away to have the negative feedback stay and the seller looses his/her nice trusted seller tag, 1st of all if you are not sure that the item is authentic, yet the seller states it is, you can give them the benefit of the doubt and buy the item. Now because you are not 100% sure this is the real deal as its not in your hands its in a image online, Pay for the item via bank deposit "dont do a internet deposit" walk into their bank and put the money into their account over the counter. Now no-one really wants to go through that process when it can all be payed for online. Now you sign for the item and the postman hands over the item, you go back and sit down and open your item that you are very happy to of been able to buy, then as it comes out of the postal box/bag etc, you see its a fake. NOW impulse comes in your angry and you are on your way to contact the person who tried or did just rip you off. Hold ya breath don't do anything, get control of yourself push the angry beast down low in side, then message the seller via eBay ONLY"!. inform them that what they sent is not an original it is just a cheap fake. ( now the seller will get all upset and say its original) don't get into a negative conversation via e-mail or phone. just simple give the correct feedback and let the little red  feedback expose the crook that tried to rip you off for what he /she is.
The seller cannot get a negative removed if all is above board on your end, ok you will loose your money cause he has to get you to give them your bank account details, With out any threats for their wrongfull deeds.  a full refund, "and a record of it" the crooked   will slowly get exposed and at lease you have done the right thing. Also in form eBay via e_mail and send a letter off as well through the mail service.

Ok i hope this helps you all, its time that we all learn how to deal with crooks that have been getting away with ripping of good folks like you.

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