new 1080p lcd televisions and blu ray dvd

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If you havent yet had a chance to view one of the latest generation 1080p lcd televisions with a source like a Blu ray dvd then you are in for a treat. Only new to the market they produce the highest standards of picture quality ever seen on our screens and are absolutley outstanding in terms of detail and image depth.

If at all possible try and get the store to demonstrate the same movie on a 1080i  set and then on a 1080p set of the same brand, it is amazing just how much detail and information is available that you never would have seen before. When compared side by side on the movie "transporter" with the image paused on a scene in a cafe it was impossible to not see dramatic differences between the detail of image. On the standard dvd and 1080i lcd tv you could not read the "pepsi" logo on a can on the table but on the blu ray/ 1080p set you could clearly see the writing and obtain much better colours with far less artifacts around the edges.It is chalk and cheese!!

There is a huge range of new 1080p compatable televisions, projectors and dvd players hitting the market now and over the coming months with brands like samsung offering both Blu Ray dvd and 1080p Lcd televisions at prices that the average buyer can afford. There are no less than 6 new 1080p projectors that are now available and when people see one of these running the response is bordering on stunned amazement, especially considering that they start at a low $4999, performance like this was only available to the most wealthy of consumers that would pay in excess of $50,000 to acheive a similar result.

A development like this has not been seen for many years in the electronics industry and it is expected that there will be a very fast uptake of this new technology in a very short space of time. Add into the equation that new products like Playstation3 is able to deliver Blu ray dvd playback and it will surely make it a fast entry into peoples loungerooms around the country.

When looking at buying a new "high definition" television or projector make sure it is true 1080p and not just 1080i which is what a lot of people are selling as high definition, without 1080p you will not be able to fully acheive the highest standard of picture performance. Also be sure that the cables are of a correct standard to deliver to full signal and some assistance will be needed from a av specialist to best work out the configuration of the television to the other components to ensure that they are all talking the same language and truly delivering the 1080p signal and in the right aspect format.

When you can manage to view one of these screens properly set up with 1080p running then you will never go back to anything less.


UPDATE 20/9/07   if you really want the ultimate in 1080p hd lcd tv then its worthwhile checking out some of the new 100HZ series that are hitting the stores from now until christmas. These newer generation sets seem to have absolutley taken all the issues of motion instability totally out of the equation and the best thing is that they are about the same price as the current 1080p lcd tvs. Sharp, toshiba and some others are at the front of this exciting new development that is surely going to see the standards lift another level.  Great news for consumers!!!

Happy viewing, aussiehifi


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