new focus for seller's on ebay,FEB 2008.Valentine's DAY

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VALENTINE's DAY...either the best day of the year or the hardest depending on your relationship situation,both of these feeling's about it exist and either can be utilised into a bussiness itea of what you could sell on ebay...if you can come up with a funny negative saying etc or have another you can use,product a small range and see how it goes,try it again next year and the year after until your VIRTUAL SHOP becomes rememberable as a place to shop for VALENTINE's DAY...don't go crazy or over invest unless your in live cut flower's...GO MAD!!!great bussiness and way I entered into the REAL WORLD MARKET with my own BUSSINESS...I always walked past alittle florist in my local mall in "NORTH CITY PLAZA",PORIRUA,WELLINGTON,NZ...the owner was lovely and had been in a smaller local mall since I was 14...I loved flower's but could never afford them and I didn't like that they were cut/or eventually died...I prefered to spend my money on indoor plant's for my house,as they were alive in a pot,cheaper and really improve your living environment...FOR the NEW YEAR!!!if you are feeling slighly down or home environment feel's stale try getting a plant or a pet FISH...TWO GROWTH INDUSTRIES on ebay...investment/business oppertunities within the florist industry is surprisingly huge!!!Trust me I watched a family run one for FOUR YEARS thou tiny,it had THE prime mall location which is why I wanted them to stock my product's as I thought the flower's and her own shop arrangement would make my hand-painted furniture look very appealing...They didn't sell immediately but I keep painting at home and waiting for my first sale...she charged me no rent etc as my furniture for her drew new customer's to her bussiness too,as she was until I opened my first REAL WORLD SHOP!!!then there was her and me for awhile until I couldn't afford her anymore with the increasing rent's in the mall I was eventually forced to rent a shop outside and very few people ever walked past,let alone came into my shop but still I keep working...I set up the shop display,then partioned it into a work area...Late at night I would be there sanding back the secondhand bargain's that I found...I even came across TRUE and collectable furniture as I noticed the changes in their DOVE-TAIL join's so I brought a small book to date them etc and tried to hang onto some if possible...but I had to keep selling...I would just about sell anything to anyone for any price except my children...The first thing I manufactured was a BADGE at 13...It was a little PENQUIN,one of my favourite animal's...status;incomplete:awaiting...
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