nintendo 64 no sound

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I recieved the N64 today and it came with a Nintendo 64 modulator which i guess seems all cool, yet for some reason a RF switch that sais SEGA on it. Now upon setting it all up, it seems to work to some extent, in that i get a picture and it plays alright. Yet there is absolutley no sound. Tried tweaking with the leads, and everything and nothing seems to work.

Could this because the RF switch is a SEGA one? but then if that was the problem then surely i wouldn't get a picture either?


Regarding the question - this is a bit of a strange one, I've never come across a SEGA RF unit with a Nintendo console. There's no reason I can think of that it shouldn't work, of course, if the modulator is OK - the unit is just a switch box and so should be fairly generic. There is a chance I'm wrong about that, though.

It is also possible that either the RF switch itself is slightly faulty, or the modulator unit. I would see if you could pick up an N64 SCART cable and try connecting with that. That would let you know for sure whether it was a connection problem, or something wrong with the console itself. On the other hand, you could use another modulator/ RF box if you have one lying around. Both SNES and Gamecube connectors will work with the 64, so you could always try swapping them around if you have one of those consoles. If you need to purchase one, you can pick up a universal RF box on Ebay for around the price i sell them for

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