orchidaceae vanda orchid bloom and care

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Hi, my name is Silla, have been dealing with orchids for many years, here is a chance for me to give my most truthful and wonderful experience for vanda orchid here. Vanda has many different crosses names and hybrid. Some small flower some large flower.Vanda is a Sanskrit word in India and we might know little of vanda background. However due to people crossing of newer hybrid, we have beauty such as vanda denisoniana, vanda sanderiana, coeulea vanda, peacock delight.Many large scented flower, with striking colorful blue, violet, orange red yellow color orchids. We need to care for them to maintain their beautiful genus and healthy bloom.

Terrestrial species vanda is not as sensitivie to moist compare to those found in the wild. Often orchid enthusiast and orchid lover find it difficult in control of water feeding these vanda. Take caution and always bear in mind, unless the medium potting mix is totally dried out, if not do not water it again. Sometimes whereby weather in certain region gets colder and moist, vanda thrieve well even without you watering it for days.

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The roots of the orchid also denotes it's current health and growing ability. When you see your plant with little or no new roots at the bottom, posibility are it do not have enough nutrient or might be suffering from some air or aquatic prone disease. Helathy orchids shall have on-going strands of white color versatile roots with an green-eye tip at the root end. You can trim down to maintain a neater outlook where possible. Temperature and nutrient feeding is to be continued in our next guide. See all our guides and related items on eBay today. Currently having sales

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