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Here in Australia we are lucky to have one of the best climates in the world, and when summer comes we love getting outside and having some fun and entertaining friends. An outdoor theatre is a fantastic way to make the most of your outdoor entertaining area and is an unbeatable option for relaxing during the summer.

An outdoor theatre may sound extravagant but it is really affordable and a whole lot simplier to install in your home than you think. It is also possible in most cases to use the equipment that you already own and add the necessary pieces to bring it all together for a fraction of the price that you would expect.

A home theatre projector used outside will result in spectacular movies and sporting events under the stars and projectors can be easily wired for easy transfer from indoor to outdoor use. You can be taking a cool dip in your pool whilst watching an exciting end to the cricket match and still be enjoying a quiet beer with a few friends. You can even watch the kids swim whilst not missing your favorite tv show. Another popular use of this style of system has become the "chick flick" nights where all the girls get together with the cheese platters, picnic rugs and the odd bottle of vino and watch the latest girly flick on the front yard with the big screen being projected onto the nearest flat surface or portable screen.

Products such as outdoor marine styled speakers are a perfect solution for having an easy to set up system as they can permanantly be left outside and used for music when the projector is not being used. This allows the system to be very functional and easy to set up for the big night of entertaining.

Getting the image from your system inside the home to the outdoor cinema area is usually very simple with a single coax cable from your equipment to the projector outside is all that is required to get the video image at a standard definition quality. This cable is easy to find and very inexpensive so it wont cost the earth to feed the signal outside. The other consideration is getting the sound outside as well and this is also easy to acheive, what is generally required is a good quality 4 core speaker wire that runs from your av system to a pair of speakers outside. The speakers could be a marine grade box speaker if out in the open or could be a pair of flush mounted speakers in an eave of the house which simply dissappear and wont project the sound as far which is great if neighbours are close.

Another popular addition is to place a manual volume control somewhere near the speakers so that the volume in that area can be simply adjusted to suit the varying volumes from different types of programs or discs etc. One extra benifit of having the speakers outside is that they can then be used to pump all types of music from the system including ipods, computers, foxtel, cd, dvd and any other source without even having to have the projector on. In my experience this becomes an integral part of the home entertainment system and in some cases gets more use then the home theatre system, especially in summer.

With packages that contain a high performanc projector, a quick release bracket system, screenkote surface paint and a pair of outdoor speakers starting at around $2500 it really is something that is an affordable consideration to this summers entertainment budget. Then its your place for the New Years Eve party this year.

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