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Parchment Craft is a very old craft that is becoming more popular. In Egypt 2000BC papyrus (dried leaf of a plant) was used as paper as the name says but not as we know it today. In two hundred years before Christ's birth, the first form of paper was discovered in China.  At first it was made from tree bark, but not very successful.  In the Middle East about 500AD, parchment was discovered.  This was goat and sheep skin discovered in the Turkish city of Pergamum. Other skins also were used.

Around the 15th Century printing was discovered, so parchment was replaced by paper and could be produced in larger quantities mechanically, not by hand, and cheaper. 

What is Parchment Craft really!  Parchment Craft is the making of creative projects with parchment paper Vellum as it is also called.  What kind of creative projects? Greetings cards - birthdays, births, anniversaries, weddings, mother's day, father's day, valentine's day, retirement, moving,vacation, easter, Christmas, first communion, baptism etc

Home decorations can also be created. Wall decorations (mobiles and decorative stickers e.g. butterflies animals etc.  Fans, lampshades, boxes (petite ones for sweets, jewellery etc) menus, picture frames, place cards, Christmas decorations (miniature trees, angels and candle decorations etc)

Realestic flowers attached to a gift card or on a gift or as a bouquet. Other uses can be name cards, gift cards, book marks, brooches, coasters, even earrings. For children wall decorations for their rooms, paintings, and animals.

Perforation and embossing techniques are used which enables you to resemble lace. You may leave it white if you wish or dorse the colour from the back which means you can change the paper to whatever colour you wish. An extensive arrangement of tools can also be used including different grids.

The craft is called craft because most artisans trace, but now that I am selling my work I use my own designs from photos, magazines, tv, and even lace and material patterns. I also teach Parchment.  Because Pergamano is a well know brand name some people confuse it as Parchment Craft but nowdays there are many different Parchment Craft brand names around.

I have my work cut out for myself selling parchment ACEO cards and hopefully some of the other creative items I have mentioned. I also like to paint with watercolour which I incorporate with parchment paper but water does not agree (too much anyway) so I use it sparingly and other times just use water colour paper with a parchment border. Art using Parchment Paper also known as vellum paper is a wonderful hobby I thoroughly enjoy. I have over eighty books and when I come across doubles, only then will I sell. 

My special favourite is ACEO cards which I make also into greeting cards. When you receive it you can either keep it as a greeting card or save it amonst your other ACEO collection or stick it on your wall or wherever you want to beautify. I place on the back of my mobiles velcro which sticks on most surfaces including material.

ACEO cards originated during the 19th Century. The Impressionist artists started firstly exchanging their miniature 2.5 X  3.5 approx. nudes. The exchanging became very popular and then became all drawings and paintings not always nudes. In 2005 Ebay started buying and selling and exchanging the ACEO cards.The only rules to ACEO cards is that it fits into a 2.5 X 3.5 inch plastic sheet and any medium can be used.  Instead of paying hundreds and thousands to be an art collector everyone that is interested in art can not only be a looker but a collector.

As you can see I love parchment and also ACEO cards. Hope you will too if not already one. Thanks for looking and happy ebaying.





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