planning for the future.

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why let others decide your future?

I was losing money fast with super annuation, so instead of letting others decide my future. It became time for me to gamble with my own money. Because of  my interest in motor vehicles I chose memorbilia and models to invest my funds. For others due to knowledge, personal preferences or just a good feeling your chosen investment may be in a different direction. But i suggest you will feel better to know your destiny is within your power and not in fluctuations of markets and economies. no more commissions and sad stories from investment brokers. Like me you may wish to start small and slow then increase as your confidence grows, my collection is numerous and low priced therefore if market drops on one item another may increase and balance. Do not expect to be right all the time. Mistakes make the next decision much wiser. All i can say for now is good luck and good hunting.

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