playstation 1 on a fairly new tv

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I am trying to connect an old playstation 1 to a fairly new tv and think (from memory) have connected it correctly but it isnt being picked up on any of the AV channels any suggestions as to what I could try?

My first would be to make sure that you have the video and audio cables connected correctly. Many people mix up the yellow and white cables on their electronics, especially if there is limited light to see by behind a TV. Ensure that the yellow is inserted into the video input, usually the top input. And the white is in the audio, usually the one underneath. Then the red beneath that. Of course this depends on the setup of your connectors on the TV. And whether you are using composite video (yellow cable), S-video (the large multi-pin connector) or component video (which I don't believe the PS1 supports anyway).

I do not know what model TV you have, but if your TV has progressive scan capability and it is on, this can make AV channels distort the picture or not show anything at all. PS1 is not progressive scan compatible.

Also if you happen to have another device connected to the same video inputs for that channel. (this usually happens on accident) For instance if it has S-Video and component video connections. The initial device will sometimes override any subsequent ones or a particular connector will have priority over the others.

If you happen to not be connecting it directly to a TV and through a cable box, VCR, or DVD player, sometimes people do not connect the correct cables to the correct inputs. Also if trying to connect to a device like this, sometimes the device (especially older ones) has a switch in the back for using channel 3 or 4 or some other thing like that. Also the device itself might not be on the right channel to allow things connected to it to get through to the TV.

There are so many variables to your questions depending on the setup of your system, that I could find many more possibilities based on what it's like. If none of these options I have suggested work, feel free to get ahold of me again via this site and I will try and help further.

Knowing how your system is setup and what, if any other devices are involved would really help if you ask something like this again.

And finally, you could be trying to use the wrong AV channel. Hey, it has happened to me :) But, if you have the audio connected to the same TV channel and you can hear it, it is probably something wrong with the video cable you are using. This makes certain that you are on the right channel.
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