postage stamp rip-offs

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When I was collecting postage stamps that only depicted Motorcycles on them, I was well and truely RIPPED OFF in Ebay.

The seller generates far too many Ebay fee's for them to bother doing anything about it. In Australia we have false advertising laws that would have one seller in particular Jailed or heavily fined.

If your looking for REAL postage stamps from a REAL country then you would be best to ask that question (are they real?) of ANY seller BEFORE you bid.

just because they use the terms "Mint" "Never hinged" or my favourite "post office fresh" dont make them REAL STAMPS. these rip-offs actually have a name for the fakes and call them "Cinderellas"??? I'm sure it makes them sleep better at night for that???

You will NEVER see that advertised on their fake stamps as they make them up with whatever theme you are collecting on some home PC.

Im sure Ebay will never let me name the rip-off's but I'll be MORE than glad to answer Emails. when I visit Long Beach California Ill be visiting "Phil" to return the fakes in person. hope he has some lube or it will be more uncomfortable than he thinks! I'm sure his boyfriend has some eh?

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