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Additional promotion

Each of your auctions at eBay has a unique URL, which makes it easy to send or post pointers to your auctions. You can even use the link on each of your auction page to "mail the auction to a friend."

If you have your own Web pages, you might want to include links from there directly to each of your current auctions. As an alternative, use Search at eBay, to look for yourself as a seller. That brings you to a page with a list of all your auctions. Copy the resulting URL and make a hyperlink from one or more of your Web pages directly to that list -- that way you won't have to change links as auctions of your end and start.

You might also want to add a line to the standard signature file you automatically add to your email messages, pointing people to eBay's list of your auctions.

join in newsgroup discussions on topics related to the kinds of things that you are selling, and append to your postings your signature file with its link to your auctions.

If you send out paper communications about your business and your auctions are related to your business, be sure to mention your online auctions. Depending on how important this is to you, you might even include a brief plug in your voicemail message.

Even though the traffic at other person-to-person auction sites like Yahoo ( and is far less than at eBay, you might want to post a few auctions there, and in the descriptions point people to your similar auctions at eBay. Even if you don't get many sales, the promotion value might make the postings worth the effort.

As Tracy Marks noted in one of our chat sessions, one clue to how well this "outreach" effort works is the number of bidders who have "0" next to their names -- in other words, the number of first time bidders. Some of these may be just random visits by eBay newcomers. But if you see a sudden rise in newcomers right after you do heavy promotion outside of eBay, it's likely that many of them are coming in direct response to your messages.



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