pure silver bullion .925 .999 invesment Vs inlfation

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Buying investment silver bullion is fun and safe !!!

its real and its useful !!!  .. gold and silver can be traded and used as currency all over
the world and holds it value and steadily increases ... soon it will
rapidly increase due to rarity and use in electronics and other industry ,
the raw materials from mining are depleting world wide once its gone its
gone !!! like oil or land or food we cant just print it like $$$ Hyperinflation

work harder  V's invest smarter !!!

silver or gold  looks nicer around my neck than a stock share bond  ..now think of MR.T now think of GOLD see the difference ? and if you still have stocks and bonds or an investment property and think your "cool" i will personally tell Mr.T  about you and he will bash you like a FOOL ... i pity you ,,,,not long now till the next big housing market crash - stock market crash  ... enough about Mr T for now

Rise in Metals > ?

The increase in silver value is due to a few things , e,g The stock market crash's and banks and hyperinflation ,  the banks offer a small to no reward and it takes 30 years to double your money at current
savings rates and considering Australia is the world leader in financial strength that's not very comforting...


America is on the verge of financial collapse owing trillions in Debt that cant be paid back, Greece went broke! Italy is gone , and dont forget Ireland and the list goes on and on ,,,they all have currency and stocks and bonds fueled by the greed USD  powered by PETRODOLLAR oops there i said it

60 of the worlds currency traded USD yet America has hit the Debt limit worldwide and reduced its house prices by 80% ..... Australia get ready the next 5 years may wipe the smile of your "investment property" faces depends on how much you borrowed ? 80% ? 90% ? 97% ?

SILVER is REAL ....GOLD is REAL ......FIBRO is ASBESTOS and requires removal by professionals, brick crumble over time 

Hyperinflation !

Zimbabwe has a billion dollar note item number 260803458847 and with that $1000,000,000 you can buy one chook egg if your lucky... brings up a the topic of house prices in Sydney Australia ? a fibro box in western Sydney sells at auction for $500-600k ? cost $5k to build in 1950's so why is it half a million now ? houses dont go up in value they go up in price until they de-valuate  due to hyperinflation and the poor management by our banks and RBA .....America lost 80% of its houses values 

 ....great plan Australia lets all do what America did,  but lets just say it cant happen here till all the bad things go away to bye bye land 

Australia housing market is rated 56% over inflated compared to the world economy  says the rest of the world......investors are smilling at the moment only because the price is UP WAY UP 

Q? can you afford your own house at today's prices? 
A! NO your a worker, the bank would laugh in your face ...so wheres the money coming from? 

banks make money from lending money,  who cares if we cant pay it back just go broke like the rest of the world! .... NICE PLAN AUSTRALIA .....YA WANKAS did ya think of that ya self or did ya get ya mum to help ya .....
(wanka is aussie for silly boy with to much spare time)

i get upset because with some planning and management we could easily be the world leaders in finance and sustainable growth but not with the current plan of smash n grab tactics.  

Cavegirl Cuddles?
heres my last example .... two cave men walking down the road one spots a
big shiny lump of silver or gold picks it up and stash's it down his undie pants
made from rabbits skins the other finds a $1,000,000,000 note printed
by the Reserve Bank Hyperinflation or RBH ,,, which one gets the cavegirl cuddles?

Answer = BOTH lol girls are so easy like that !!

P.s any cavegirls  message me now ...UGG UGG
P.p.s no gold diggers
please send photo of boat n motor
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