roots or no roots?

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Its true that agave attenuata are just about bullet-proof. that is, boy, are they hardy! ...but lets get to the facts. agave attenuata will recover much faster with a healthy pre-existing root growth. A stump with no roots is NOT how a nursery buys agaves. Other sellers may have you believe that nurseries buy stumps. hmmm. Either way, your agave purchase will recover and thrive in time, but rest assured, those with roots do so MUCH faster.

If you are prepared to wait 3 to 6 months to see new foliage start to unfold, then by all means purchase "sawn off" agaves. You will be very disappointed to see your agave wilt to the point of asking "is it dead?" No, its still alive, but hey.. it needs to regrow roots remember? and re-establish itself accordingly.

....and that takes time.... a long time.

Much better to purchase with FULLY ESTABLISHED ROOTS.
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