scrapbooking and card making on a budget

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I am often hearing comments from people who admit to, loving scrapbooking and cardmaking, but it is just far to expensive to keep up. Well my comment is always the same, I can save your hard earned cash and utilize all those bits and pieces.

Here's how . Never throw a scrap piece of paper away, find a file or pouch that you may have already lying around the house or office to pop them all in. Small pieces can accent that perfect card.


 A left over strip that appears useless can enhance the side of a page or photo. Buying bulk, for example, There are quality paper flowers in my store for the fraction of the cost in stores around me, the quality and the price will ensure that you are a happy customer.    

Scrapbooking and cardmaking nights with your friends can save you a bundle and be great fun, we all have different stamps, embellishments, rub ons or stickers left over from a page, even our scrap pieces of paper will differ, so why not swap and share with your friend?  

 I think something that we all have in common is, we don't like to duplicate a pattern paper once we have used it on a page, swapping allows someone else to create a perfect page with your paper and you with one of theirs.    I hope this has been helpful  

Regards Tiarna

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