second hand performance parts, turbo/nissan

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i belive a guide which soley focuse's on the SECOND HAND QUALITY PERFORMANCE PART MARKET would be very useful, this guide could be linked into varies forums around australia and thus providing a vast network of performance part sales and exchange, 300zx owners and particularly nissan owners love a good quality bargain and quite often would prefer to buy a actual GENUINE NAME BRAND PART from a genuine japanese tuning shop rather than buying a cheap inferior new item.

GO THE QUALITY EVEN IF IT IS USED, MOST PEOPLE ONLY SELL A SECOND HAND ITEM AS THEY HAVE A FREIND WHO HAS UPGRADED TO A BIGGER ITEM., a specific catagory for used turbo's, and nissan parts etc, would be very usful on , ebay, plus who doesnt love a performance high tech nissan , toyota, mitsubishi, or subaru? thats right move over v8 boys, were comming through.

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