seizure of pistons,auxiliary, cam & crankshafts etc

Like if this Guide is helpful

a great product for the prevention of engine seizures is on the market called roil engine conditioner.

have witnessed this product in a machine to test friction (you can view it on the website google it)

reduces friction which reduces heat which reduces expansion of the metal (which reduces clearance tolerances) that causes the binding that causes gauling of the metals when they come into contact with each other that oftens happens with these & other engines. these engine do not like any reduction in oil quantity or quality they must be kept toped up. if the oil is allowed to fall low (as little as 1/2 a litre could do it) it could, in conjunction with oil surge from braking or cornering, become aerated allowing for loss of pressure increasing heat & eventually leading to failure of big end bearings or auxiliary &/or camshafts.

a can of roil can be had for as little as $54 or you can buy the full treatment (oil flush to clean any residue, fuel treatment & oil conditioner)

 good for all engines but especially - cambox type engines which fail in the camshaft, rocker & cambox area, high performace engines & camshafts (helps reduce the gauling of journals due to bending of the cylinder head from over heats). naturally increases performance alround by reducing friction (slippery little sucker)

cheers phill

ps. dont use on engines till they have run (camlobes) & bed (rings) in.  


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