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Some ebayers are still confused with what an auction is. They are simply an item being sold to the highest bidder over a period of time. Therefore asking a seller to end the auction early for a price that will most likely be less than what it could sell for is unacceptable and unfair to other ebayers who would miss out on the chance to buy that item. If you wish to buy an item sooner than the auction finishes, look for another item that is either ending sooner or has a “buy it now” option, or go to a retail store and pay full price. Otherwise be patient and enjoy the thrill of the bid!

Payment for an item ideally should not take longer than 3 days after an item is purchased. Usually a successful bidder would be watching an item throughout its auction, and then be bidding actively in the last 5 minutes of the auction to win it, because that’s when the real action starts. Therefore it is hard to understand why people who win auctions do not pay straight away or at least over the next couple days. If it is because the buyer does not have the money at the time, then they should not be bidding! Complete the transaction ASAP so that the seller is not inconvenienced, because it is rude to have them keep the item lying around until the buyer pays, they would rather it be posted off as soon as the auction finished and be done with it. Think of it this way, you do not go into a shop and buy something you can’t afford, or have it reserved for you for a couple weeks without even a deposit, so why should ebay be any different?

Wall of text? Cliffs:

- Don’t ask sellers to end items early
- Wait out the auction and bid smart
- Pay for the item straight away after auction end or at least no more then 2-3 days
- Don’t bid on items you can’t afford

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