small animal care rat diet

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  Your pets’ main diet should consist of rat block, a high quality pellet chow formulated for rodents. Look for a brand that lists soy meal as it's main ingredient. This food should be available at all times.

Recommend offering small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables to your rat every day. Pea, broccoli, carrot, apple and banana are good food to start with, but it’s fun to try a new new thing and find out your pets  favorite. Rats love people food, and you can give yours the occasional table scrap, such as cooked pasta, small pieces of egg or chicken, or a bit of pizza crust. Treats need to be limited to prevent obesity.

Do not give your rats chocolate, corn, candy, caffeinated and carbonated beverages, onions, sticky foods such as taffy and peanut butter, and junk food.

Fresh, clean water should be available all the time. A water bottle with a drinking tube that attaches to the side of the cage is the best way to go.

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