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Recently I decided to purchase 7 items from the seller tandc-marketing. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!!!! The postage for items to post items individually worked out to be cheaper than if the seller posted items all together... How the hell does that work?!?!! I contacted the seller regarding this dilemma and they said that EBAY states the wrong postage costs.... (But wait doesn't ebay do this to PROTECT buyers from being ripped off???)

Anyway I agreed to pay for the items minus the postage (at tandc-marketing's suggestion) OR they could have just relisted the items should they have seen fit... I was waiting for a reply when they decided to file 7 UNPAID ITEM STRIKES AGAINST ME!!! SEVEN!!!

Cornelia from tandc-marketing also filed negative feedback disguised as positive feedback on my profile which is VERY difficult to have revised. I am in the process of doing this now. I am also in the process of filing official complaints regarding their misleading postage costs to protect other ebayers.


Woohoo! Ebay has removed all unpaid item strikes against me, has removed their comments and is now investigating them for misuse of ebay!!!

This is a very sad situation, as if tandc-marketing had spoken to me directly instead of filing unpaid item strikes against me at their first possible chance, this situation could have been resolved! ALSO if they hadn't have tried to overcharge me postage this wouldn't have happened either. Seriously, if the postage ebay states is fair is not reasonable, how hard is it to say the correct postage on your listing instead of someone having to find out with a shock upon check-out????

Please sellers be fair with your postage and make it CLEAR how much it will be in your listing!!!!!

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