the benefits of opening an ebay store

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i have found since opening up my ebay store i have been able to kist alot more items for a lot cheaper .

for those items i want more for i place on auction and for those items i am selling that are selling for alot less i list them as a store inventory item at a buy it now price , and then advertise my buy it now items at the bottom of my auction items . i also advertise for people to have a look at my store .

a basic store cost's $9.95 ( great for new store owners )

why it is beneficial ?

well instead of paying around $1 for every item you list ,you can pay $1 for some of your items and as little as $0.11 for a store inventory item .

although you will need to have some online auctions to expose your store to other buyers .

but over all there is so much more you can do with a store that you can't do if you didn't have a store . so if you sell stuff on a regular basis you should open a store it will be great move for you .

for more info on ebay stores click on this link

why open an ebay store ?

check out my store for some ideas .

my store click me here .  

my home and lifestyle place

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