the present to future of the Xbox 360

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Console and PC gamers have long been divided into two camps. Sure, there are those of us who play on many platforms, but hard-core PC gamers tend not to believe in "mainstream" console games, while committed console gamers can sometimes be insulting towards PC gamers as over the top nerds. While there's nothing wrong with drawing your own distinction, what's clear--at least for the moment, anyway--is that Microsoft's Xbox 360 makes the line between PC and console gaming a lot fuzzier. Yes, this is a console, with game controllers and TV cables that are designed to interface with your TV--preferably of the HD variety--but Microsoft has packed a Kick Ass PC gaming rig into a small box that Easley fits into any A/V rack or cabinet. The Xbox 360 also has a user interface that rivals ANY PVR or PMP in terms of slick presentation and ease of use, plus a host of digital multi-media and networking goodies, It helps take the already-good Xbox experience to a whole new ball game. Naturally, we're now seeing developers shift focus from the PS2 and Xbox (1) and creating truly next-generation games. While Microsoft is finally amassing a good library of games, Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii will launch in a few short months ( years  ). At this point, the $400-$600 Xbox 360 has a major price advantage over the PS3--its premium package will cost $200 more than the Xbox 360, though the Wii may boast just as big a price difference in the opposite direction. Whether either or both will be better is anybody's guess. All we can say is that both companies better hurry because the Xbox 360 will be a hard to resist for too long
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