tips to avoid buying fake adicolors

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This guide is created to help people buy genuine, authentic adicolors. Note that the white series can be most modified. Also take into consideration that this guide is on the adicolor shoes and not on any of the clothing apparel under adicolor.

Tips to buying-
-ALWAYS enquire for pictures of the shoe taken by the owner, particularly the back, tongue and sole of the shoe as well as the box. Fake sellers usually get pictures of the shoes off the internet. Note also that adicolors come in a special white box with "adicolor" written all over the box. A counterfeit seller may try and use the Superstar Anniversary box, which is FAKE if buying adicolors.
-Check feedback. If the seller has negative feedback with the comment regarding counterfeit or fakes, DO NOT BUY.
-If a seller is listing several 1st, 2nd and 3rd models, it is highly likely to be fake as all shoes from that category are VERY RARE [see below]

Adicolors come in seven series: white, red, blue, yellow, green, pink and black. Each series has six shoes listed.

A particular shoe is named from the initail letter of the series, as well as the number of model, ie. Green series, 1st model, Jim Lambie for the Hideout would be referred to as G1.

The first model from each series is an adicolor lo [usually by a designer/company with the exception of W1] and are exttremely rare with only 1000 pairs sold worldwide. If listed on eBay it is almost definetely fake as it is so rare.
The second model from each series is an adicolor hi top and are also very rare with only 5000 pairs worldwide. These are also likely to be fake if on eBay, though authentic ones can be found.
The third model from each series is an century lo [usually miscellaneous companies/designers with the exception of W3] and are very rare with only 5000 pairs worldwide. Counterfeit sellers are particularly good at selling off fakes of the third series [especially BL3 and R3]. Almost always fake when on eBay.
The fourth model from each series are all based on cartoon characters and are all Stan Smith. Genuine pairs can usually be found on eBay as 25000 pairs were released worldwide, however many fakes also occur as a result.
The fifth model from each series are superstar II and all come with interchangable stripes. These are usually authentic as an undefined amount of pairs were made.
The sixth model from each series are also superstar II but are either based on New York or the boroughs in New York City. These are also generally authentic as an undefined  amount of  pairs were made.

Good luck, and safe shopping!
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