to ALL of my *confused*and*ANGRY*SELLERS*urgentmessag

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HIit's joanne from joannes_art...I firstly want to publicly apoligise to everyone I have traded with over the last two weeks...I know many of you are very angry and confused about me at the in desperation to explain...I am writing this guide...Two weeks ago I started purchasing items for my wedding planned in september this year...I have been engaged for two years and finally started buying especially for the wedding as family were to help with paying both my side and his...*BUT* this weekend we have seperated *BADLY* in court with orders etc...The internet has been included but thru a loophole the police let him leave sunday with the *MODEM* against there advice as it is purely for *SPITE* to destroy me personally and my ebay *BUSSINESS* and beleive me it is working...BUT HE WON'T *WIN* next week I am going to court for *COMPENSATION* to everyone who has left either neutral(I say thanks)negative(will be used as evidence in a court of law as you choose to *BURN*ME*PUBLICLY*) those of you who have *opened* disputes already due to my lack of communication as I am currently on a computer at my local library this message is for you especiallly...if you get this and choose not to close the dispute basicly you are creditors...I personally *COMMIT* to *PAY* all of you first,in accordance with ebay etc and for your understanding and loyalty...if you read this and close without waiting then I won't be able to put you as a priority at the moment...I get one hour a day on this library computer and *CURRENTLY* I have over 100 *UNREAD*MESSAGES* in my *EBAY*MESSAGES*...I can answer *FIVE* a *DAY* at the moment...this is why I have taken the drastic and very *PERSONAL*UNPRIVATE*QUICKEST*EASIEST*ONLY*WAY* I can to contact as many of you as possible by writing this guide...To those of you who are *WAITING*ALREADY* that I have personally contacted I thank-you all for your patience and understanding in the worst week of my *LIFE********TO*DATE* and those of you who have read my book already know it has been anything but easy in the *PAST* and I truely thought it couldn't be any worse again but now I am wrong....*PERSNAL*INFORMATION*...not only did he take the *MODEM* with him when he left and *BROKE*MY*HEART* but the police let him remove my *8*YEAR*OLD*SON*****so I know my *COMMITMENTS*AND*RESPONSIBILITIES*TO*EBAY*and you *ALL* but I haven't heard from my *SON*or him since sunday and he has *KIDNAPPED*HIM* and everyday I am dealing with *COURTS*AND*POLICE*to have him found and *RECOVERED*if you think what I have written is a load of *CRAP* that's your choice but the way he is going...if he isn't found soon it will become a *FEDERAL*POLICE*MATTER* and he will become a wanted *MAN* in *MELBOURNE*AND*AUSTRALIA*so it could very well be on the local news or *T.V* as he is currently in melbourne with *PLANS* to run out of the state or country as we are from N.Z...I am now a single parent of *FOUR* children and completely *ALONE* in a *FOREIGN*COUNTRY*...I am not reading the *NASTY*COMMENTS* left so far as I can barely keep *LIVING*as it is...if it wasn't for the children I have with me,especially my three year old *DAUGHTER*then I would have probably ended it myself permanently *BY*NOW* he has called everyone he can...including my *OWN*PARENTS*who have sided with him and *HAVE*created their own *EVIDENCE*by stupidly sending abusive *TXT* messages from *N.Z* this week I have *LOST*everything...I have no friends or family anywhere in the *WORLD*NOW*except for my immediate children I have no-one...for those of *YOU*who have been thru *DOMESTIC*ABUSE*you will understand my *SITUATION*but I doubt it has ever been a *BIG*A*MESS*as what *I* am *LIVING*THRU*NOW*...I sit and stare at the *PHOTO*OF*MY*SON*and can barely *FOCUS*on anything else at the moment...eventually I will *CUT*OFF*THE*REST*OF*THE*WORLD*from me as I have never *BEEN*so *HURT*in my *LIFE*first by *HIM*...then on the internet by *ABUSIVE*NASTY*FEEDBACK*I am not the customer from *HELL*but i am definately *LIVING*THERE*at the *MOMENT*if it wasn't for my *CHILDREN*AND*EBAY*FRIENDS*AND*FAITH*IN*GOD*...then I would be curled up in a *BALL*CRYING*FOREVER*but I have to prove I can *LOOK*AFTER*myself and my some of you know...I am also on a *D*P* I have a *MENTAL*ILLNESS* called *BI-POLAR*with is managed and under-control by medication...but because of this condition and *MY-EX*ringing them and anyone who will listen to him...I am under constant *MONITORING*and need to *STAY*WELL* to save myself and *MY*CHILDREN*who at the moment are my first priority...even more than *EBAY*as I have to *DAILY*comfort alittle girl who this week has lost her *BROTHER*and*FATHER*...any of you with broken *FAMILIES*will understand my children are safe and *OK* at the moment...but you can see *HOW*MUCH*it has *EFFECTED*them...So if you have read this far and you are one of my can still open disputes in accordance with ebay policy etc and for *YOURSELVES*but if you can give me more time...then because of your understanding and commitment you will be paid first from the *COMPENSATION*CASE*next week...if not *BE*WARNED*whatever you leave in the *PUBLIC*ARENA*of the *INTERNET*can and *WILL*BE*USED*AS*EVIDENCE*in a *COURT*OF*LAW*within *AUSTRALIA*time for today...thursday 21st february is up for today...I will be continuing this tomorrow...thanks for your *TIME*,joanne...this is the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me *GOD*...amen...
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