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I have found Tupperware the best product to own. The quality is great, and the company has a great reputation. I have so many tupperware parties as a host that often theres no money being exchanged because I get so many free gifts. I usually sell those gifts that I have doubled up on. If you would like to view a catalogue I know many reps that I can have send you the latest catalogue  just email me through my seller name...tupperhomeclearance


the one tip I will give you is that when all the food is stored into the pantry modular mates, you never have to worry about ants or bugs or even cockroaches touching any food. The kids eat less because they  a). cant reach everything and  b).no fancy wrappers to excite them.

Once I empty food into the modular mates, I actually dont care about the useby date anymore because In my opinion, the air tight containers keep things fresh.

Recently I have placed some medication into a large modular mate ( asprin etc) and stored it very high because I know that little fingers have trouble opening the seals.

I recommend washing all tupperware with warm soappy water as the plastic is wonderful and easy to wash over. If by any chance some tupperware stains a little bi carb helps.


If your seals do not fit properly for some odd reason such as the rock n' serve , wash in hot water or pour hot water over lids while they are in the sink just to soften them them pop them in the container and you will preserve a nice fit again. Sometimes I find that the hubby has forgotten to pop the air vent on the rock n' serve container, and when he takes it out of the microwave, the lid has sunk in and curved itself out of proportion to its base...thats where you can use the hot water to straighten it out again.


these bowls are the most beautiful glass like bowls and are very easily marked and scratched.I know my sister who had bought the set has now the problem of looking at a thousand fine scratches on them. This I believe is due to her family or her guests not realizing that they have to be washed by hand and not dried with a harsh tea towel. If you do have others helping you with the washing always look after your tupperware by letting them know how to wash them.


this set is another fabulous product to own. Many people will comment to you ,when you own these that , they cant believe its from tupperware. I  have the full set...bowls cups platters and I have not had any problems with scratches or marks, because I make sure they are washed delicately and no harsh tongs are used when dishing out salad etc.

Universal peeler

this product is not very expensive so if you want to buy one go ahead but just letting you know not everyone can use one comfortably, I for one cant use it, and I am a Chef by trade.If you want give it a go, I do understand that they keep sharp very well. Some can go rusty in the dishwasher so remember not to store away too wet.


The clear mates are one of the best ideas to have been thought of by tupperware...the more you buy the better. Everyone in the family will agree they are great because you can actually SEE THE FOOD in the containers...such as ham, olives, or even feta cheese etc


yes this really truly works, the bread, esp rolls do stay fresher longer . highly recommend this one. Just incase you were not aware, the whole Bread keeper comes apart for washing...

Can Opener and Garlic press

If you only buy tupperware once a year or when you can afford it...the can opener is the one to own. You will be amazed that a can opener can cut around a can and still leave the edges smooth to touch. This means no one in your house hold will ever cut themselves when picking up the can, I even use it on the ring pull cans just incase on the kids cut themselves handling the empty can.

the garlic press is great due to the fact that you can put alot of pressure on it while squeezing the garlic and never have to worry about breaking it.


this is one question I get asked quite a lot especially as I am a Chef. I can tell you this much...For a domestic knife they a very good because a.) there is plenty of blade for sharpening over the years b). they are sharp enough for the food to be cut but not too sharp that you cut your finger right off.

 Having said that, I must also mention that I did accidently leave my knife on the wet sink overnight once and it had small rust spots on it in the morning, but its ok now as I washed it carefully will a steelo pad. Please dont go overboard and buy the full set of knives unless you can afford it, I only use the utility knife, tomato knife,Bread knife.

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