tyres and wheels made easy

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well tyres are made easy,,,,is a guide helping you understand the basic when it comes to tyres,,

please note when it comes to AUSTRALIAN regulation, only the load rating and the diameter of the wheels are important.

so lets start.. tyre size 235/45VR17 97V

1. THE 235 is the width of the tyre....

2. the 45 is the profile of the tyre...or in simple english it is the side wall of the tyre. that what they call high performance tyres, when the side wall becomes lower and you get better handling....the smaller the side wall the better,,,,,

3. the 17 is the ,,, is 17 inch tyre....that is the overall diameter of the tyre...

4. VR   is the speed limit the tyre can handle for a long period time,,,it means this tyre can go up 210km and hour non stop with out any damage happening to the tyre and without causing accidents..

5.   97V is the load rating of the tyre...this is very important because it will tell you how much each tyre can handle the weight of the car,,,,certain cars need higher load rating because the car weght is high,,,  the goverment is very strict on this so please make sure you have the right load rating on your car...

to get most out of your tyre ,,,rotation of the tyre every 5000km is required,,,,and to keep the tyre pressure around 38psi...


if you want to up grade your wheels and tyres please make sure you upgrade in a manner that does not effect the speedo.

this is very important,,,,please ask a professional before you do that,,,,

and i hope i was helpful in my guide,,,

any question please email me or visit my web page """""hais58""""

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