wall hangers from china and fakes

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what can i say they are all junk  and all made in china by the same crooks under a lot of different names  all owned by a company called  Master cutlery  they have been flooding the market for 20 yrs  with Masahiro ,Ryumon   and others  the menuki are all in the rong place to fit into the palm's of the hands unless you are left handed  the hamon they say it is not Eched  (not a lie )  its polished or sandblasted on there  first time you polish it its gone  If you are just getting them for wall hangers the great  but never pay more for them than  $50 aust  and look out for the postage sting dont fall for  the Battle ready  (what Battle )  or 10 times folded look at the picture of the forging  you can see they use construction concreat re enforcing rod  for your perfect sword    $5 a lenth or scrap reo rod plenty in china   see other guide  for more info on junk  but remeber in no way shape or form are these  Samurai swords  only the japanese Smiths  and a few selected persons  MAKE  SAMURAI  SWORDS   please remember they are fakes  NOT REAL SWORDS    hence the 0,09  start price  even the ones toted as 10 times folded  battle ready  buy now at  $350 USD    forget it  they are poorly made  Damascus steel   and you will see Clay temperd  hand forged  forget it   lets face it are you going to pay to send it back to were ever  at your expence  $68   -- $120----  ect  never to hear a word  out of them  then you have the I posted it  today the 10th   then  a week later they say  sorry i will post it today   then a week later i was flat out  its in the post now  dont fall for the wording  on the pages  all lie's and smoke  screen  even the limited  amount avaliable    yes they only have  2 million of them not 5  i saw a sword   that said origin  Japan in the discription  now this would to many say as good as made in japan  WRONG  it means as i was informed by the  site owner  that the origin of the  Samurai sword was  japan but this was made in the local forge in Shanghi  in other words a clever use of words  but a misleading  discription  that should not be allowed   so finaly i say buyer beware  do not buy this junk  (unless you like junk  )  and as for the sites in the rest of the world well  they are all in on it the big company  approched all sellers on Ebay  that sell this kind of stuff and offerd the stuff   as cheap as chips   $10 in some cases  if they would push the stuff  and we all know money talks  come on Ebay  get rid of this monopoly   from china   with absloute  junk  even the tang on some are welded on after the blade is made  remember  they are  cheap nasty poorly made  in back yards across china  if your going to give them your cash i suggest you just send your credit cards  to them its a scam and they are good at it  DONT DO IT   

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