watch out for repaired T2 electronics sold as repacked

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Be careful when considering buying electronics that are desribed as factory repacked or refurbished. most of these units are likely to be lemons of the electronic world. They generally have been returned to the suppliers because of on going faults that cant seem to be fixed properly by service agents and eventually the customer is given a replacement by the distributor. The units are then most often fixed again and then sold of as a factory repack or T2 model with some restrictions on the normal warranty, the chances of these units experiencing on going issues is very high and our experience is that customers end up passing the problem along by reselling the item in a short time span.

Ensure that the item is brand new and is sold with full manufacturers warranty and also be sure that it is not some dodgy "international warranty" which is how grey imported products are promoted. This international warranty means that you are not getting an australian distributed product and it does not have any warranty support in this country or even spare parts. Even worse is to lodge a claim for this international warranty you have to send the unit back to the country of origin and try and organise the repair from here which is not something we would recommend for the light hearted. Then add up the costs of sending the unit back and forward and all of of a sudden that $50 saving you thought was so important when you bought the item suddenly doesnt seem important any more.

In some cases consumers have thought they were saving big dollars on there home theatre projectors only to discover a few months down the track that what they actually purchased was a grey import with no warranty or spare parts in this country and they ended up spending way more in the way of costly repairs than they would have if they bought the genuine product from a store.

Ask the seller very clear questions if you are not sure, ask if the product comes from the authorised australian distributor, ask if the unit is brand new and in an unopened carton with full warranty, ask if has been repaired, and if still in doubt contact the australian distributor and ask them if the seller is an authorised dealer of their products.

Sheds and cupboards around the country are full of "bargains" that people are sick and tired of trying to get working/fixed again and you dont want to get stuck with a piece of "time share" electronics.

Just remember that if it sounds too good it usually is!!!! 

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