watch out for scams

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we were looking at buying a boat on ebay we bidded on it right up to the last minute but we were out bidded by one bid ours was $3100 the winning bid was $5500 so the boat was sold.two days latter we recived a  second chance offer from ebay but it was on our email.i replyed to the email and the seller contacted me saying he was going to london tomorow so i would have to use a western union transfer to a london account.i said we can wait till he gets back but he insisted that he needs the money deposited today.i asked what about the transfer papers it would need his details on it so i can transfer into my name he said its all done and at the transport depot waiting to be delivered to the buyer.i rang the post office about what type of fees there would be it was going to cost me $175 just to send a western united transfer but they highley reconmend me not to go ahead with it just look into it a bit more.they said about 7 people have been scamed in the last 2 i talked to him  again after about 15 emails i realised it was a scam.we are hardworking couple and nearly lost $3500 that we dident really i have now relised ebay do not try to sell on email.i did not have any thing in my ebay account  so if its not on your ebay its not real.please rember ebay do not sell on email regards jason,colleen


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