what?are*ebay*GREMBLINS*?as per *jt*2008*jtoriginals08.

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*HI*what is an *EBAY*GREMBILN*??????????????????an ebay *GREMBLIN*is my name for *TECHNICAL*DIFFICULTIES*but in the *EXTREME*ONLY*and *CYBER*COMPUTER*BASED*ONLY*...I have coined this name and written a *GUIDE*for prosterity...*I* will either find out about others????or *PROVE*to be the *WORSE*or *ONLY*one with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!read my *PERSONAL*guide on jtoriginals08...under guides...about this week from *HELL*on ebay and not one *GREMBLIN*or two or three but more ...including my *BIGGEST*and*WORST*...with may or may not be an *EBAY*FIRST*as far as *GREMBLINS*GO*ALL*BSBS*GONE*including those saved thru checkout already and *ALL*BSBS*in check-out for all *SELLERS*EVERY*SINGLE*ONE*NO*EXCEPTIONS*...this is why *I*am now changing to *PAYPAL*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!leave messages and votes if this has helped or happened to you...maybe there needs to more to stop them...as I don't think all of them can be a coincidence!!!!!jt...2008..march...
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