what size ps3 to buy 40, 60 ,80 gig

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Just for your information, there have been two waves of PS3 hardware that have been released over the last year. Initially, there were the 20GB and 60GB models. These were available for $499 and $599, respectively. Then, Sony completely stopped making the 20GB version due to lack of consumer interest, (and to save money) dropped the 60GB one from $599 to $499 and released an 80GB model for what the 60 was selling for. Just recently, the 40GB one has been released for $399 and the 80GB was dropped to $499.

The differences between the two waves is that the initial one contained the full hardware of the PS2's 'emotion engine' and was backward compatible with a good 97% of all PS2 and PS1 games. The reason the price drops occurred was due to Sony removing this hardware in the new wave, and switching to software-based emulation, which subsequently dropped backward compatibility to about 70%. Note that the 40GB model does not support any PS2 games at all but offers limited PS1 support through software emulation. Software updates periodically improve this compatibility for both models, but Sony has stated that they will be shifting focus to exclusive PS3 development and not worrying about backward compatibility. I have yet to find a full list of what American PS2 and PS1 games will not work with each version of the system.

On top of that, the almost fully compatible 60GB versions have officially been phased out. Once they are all sold, that is all she wrote. So if nearly complete backward compatibility is what you are looking for, snag up one of these as they will soon be gone, if they are not already. The only place to get one once that happens is used and online.

The two most recent versions, the 40GB and 80GB come with one pack in each, which are the Spiderman 3 movie on Blu-Ray, and the game Motorstorm, respectively.

To summarize:

20GB, was $499, nearly full backward compatibility, no longer made

40GB, currently $399, absolutely no backward compatibility for PS2, limited PS1 through software emulation, Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray pack-in

60GB, if still available $499, nearly full backward compatibility, was discontinued, any stock is last of kind

80GB, currently $499, lesser (70%) backward compatibility, MotorStorm game pack-in
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