wheels and tyres 4 all UR fitments and sizes 4 UR car

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sizes and fitments

some of the the things you look for when buying your wheels. firstly check where they are made if in china please check if their is waranty with that. a lot of wheel people you cant find later when you have a problem.also there should no marks on the wheels when you buy them.check the inside of the wheel, that usually tells you that they either have being on the car or the wheels have had tyres fitted to them and they try to clean them to sell as new.australia has no set laws when it comes to wheels so please be careful. In tyres always by the brand you know.Dont fall for the trick it is made in the same factory, if so then the name should be the same.always check your load rating on your tyres because certain INSURANCE companies wont pay out claims if the load rating is not according to the manufacture standards. when it comes to high performance tyres please make sure the load rating is right. the load rating is on the side wall of the tyre.{ 92Z, 85HR,98W}.it is very important also to check if insurance company have any regulations towards load rating. personally you want grip and handling then you dont get long wear .

i hope i have being helpful in your next purchase of wheels and tyres. any other questions please email me. and thank you

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