when Sennheiser CX300 meets CX400 +new release of CX500

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Userability of Sennheiser CX300 vs CX400 - A true iPod owner's experience with Sennheiser

Undoutablly, Sennheiser CX300 is one of the most purchases quality earphones. I'm using CX300 white for my iPod Nano silver 4G, they matches perfectly well, high-quality stereo ear-canal headphones with powerful, bass-driven stereo sound is for sure proven truth. Price tag? Hmmm... around AUD80, but you can get from our ebay store with a massive 35% off of Rrp.

CX400 is relatively new to the CX family, one thing is quite interesting is that, I actually quite like the model on the CX300 packaging, compare with a bold dark skin guy, did put me back to my seat for quite sometime, until....

CX400 has RED, Blue in addition to its traditional black and white earphones. Judge from the packaging, it's not bad at all. So I decided to give it a go, amazingly, the CX400 has an excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise, even at home, I cannot hear my wife's yelling at me! That's a big PLUS!

Price tag? Sky rocketing AUD150 (RRP)!!! Well, what can I say? It IS faithfully superior quality and worth the money, but here's an even shocking news, we have genuine CX400 with 2 years warranty at merely $99! Believe or not, check out et power store and see for yourself!

I love the Red CX400, it's my latest iPod soul mate!
Also to keep you at the very front of the fashion and technology, CX500 has just been released as well, CX 500 Titan is a super hot earphone with volume controller integrated into the cable! Not sure how much exactly going to be the digit on the tag, but for sure it's the mode we all going to be anxiously waiting for!

In conclusion, buy CX300 or CX400 or even hold to your pocket money for the Titan500? It's your choice.

Et Power stock CX300 ( black or white) for AUD 50-55, reckon it's good for a starter to really enjoy a comfy in-ear listening experience.

CX400 has a range of colors, from Hot Red to Cool Blue, of course the traditional black and white version all for grap from our ebay store under $100, you cannot go wrong with this model, regardless you are a typical Aussie block or fashionable babe.

For the CX500, personally, I donot require an earphone has volume adjustment while iPod's control is so easy to navigate. But I won't mind to give it a go when it's released from our ebay store.

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