why DORA the EXPLORER isn't just for kids???

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who is "DORA the EXPLORER"???DORA the EXPLORER is a spanish speaking cartoon character,she wears her handy purple "BACKBACK" to go on adventures...I BELIEVE she is COLLECTABLE because even thou she is pretty big now and I think people are waiting for it to burst...BUT I believe for a number of reasons that this veiw may prove to be incorrect...THERE are currently over 38 million SPANISH speaking people in the world...I personally got a teach yourself spanish cd and within a week I could say over 50 different words and say them properly...I am working on a SONG at the moment in spanish...I know a female artist whose song is called TATTOO which I think is really cool...I have to get her name...BUT as most of you probably know she put herself on the internet a year ago and is now on the radio,FOX FM not a bad effort...my three year old daughter JASMINE just started singing her own little songs today...I put it down to all the DORA singing she has done...starting to collect now is very wise as it dates,it will slowly go up in value...don't expect any great returns for the next ten+ years but eventually it will...keep it well looked after and in good condition,choose some items to put unopened as your collection and slowly build it up from there...DORA also has a cousin called DIEGO...He is a great role model for young boy's as he is a passionate animal lover and goes out to rescue animals all the time with his FRIENDS...one of diegos favourite animals is a whale...my eight year old son loves him...it was a dora christmas last year as I got over $500 worth of BOOKSfrom a couple of great ebay sellers who I will be added links...

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