wifi cards long range

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I run a local hotspot for friends and allow a little bandwith for others, ie check emails ect. my network has a 3km effective footprint , how is this done read on. Wifi work,s in the 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz range this allow great bandwith but require each computer antenna to be in sight of the other ie "line of sight". Yeah it'll go throw a wall or 2 but speed will suffer, when you are trying to get say 2km out of your wireless network this requires no obstacle to be in the way even the leaves of a bushy tree will make the connection next to impossible or slow. These elements are needed for a effective longrange wifi network 1 - Hi gain antennas like yagi,grid and dish antenna,s with a gain of at least 18dbi to 24dbi are a must have each on the same plane "horizontal or vertical" on each end. 2 - Height "height is might" this statement is so true as each antenna must see the other my little mate might only be operating on 35mw but his antenna is 25feet with lmr-400 coax running a 24dbi grid antenna so he gets 1.2km to my place. 3 - Power is measured in milliwatts your average wifi card may have a output of 35mw but i have a friend who is 1.2km as the crow flys and get,s to my place slow "but faster then dialup" but is happy with the free access. Now if your serious 100mw to 200mw is great if not required for a better connection. 4 - Coax don't skimp here get LMR-400 if your coax run is over 6 meter,s as the loss in the coax is substantial at 2.4ghz and higher. 5 - Good clean connector's take time connecting your connector's to the coax. 6 - Type of cards, even if you buy a 108super-g card it will fallback to 11b to maintain the connection over distance 11b is the only way to go even the new n fallsback to 11b to maintain the connection over any great distance. "if your running linux get a prism 2, 2.5, or 3 based card" like a senao nl-2511cd ext2 plus and a pcmia adaptor for your computer these run well on a windows box as well remember 11b will give you 11mb bandwith and high speed adsl is still only 1.5mb we play doom3 on 4 computer's across our network on 11b without using our internet download. My wifi network is in a weatherproof box with a low power 12volt computer in it. This way the coax is only 1 meter long and the computer is mounted to the pole below the antenna which is a 18dbi omni vertical so all our network must mount there antennas vertical. Computer is a mini-itx via motherboard with a pcmia adaptor for the longrange prism wifi card running debian "linux" on a pole strapped to a palm tree some 30feet high with a network and 12volt power cable running into the house connected to a billion adsl router. Have Fun Shane hope this helps
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