winning a bid

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to win a bid the best tecnique is to wait until only a few minutes are left and then go through the process of placing an amount that is at least $20 over the amount you would prefer to pay. At the page where you have to press indicate 'confirm bid', use your 'back' button until you reach the item info page and keep refreshing until you have only 30 seconds to go. Then use your 'forward' button until you get to the 'confirm bid' page and when you think you have approx 10-15 secs to go, then hit the 'confirm bid' button. When the 'refresh page' section comes up, hit it and place another $2.99 or similar small amount IMMEDIATELY! This stops the other bidder from coming across you and placing the next bid. By the time the other bidder has tried to outbid you the bid has finished and hopefully you have won. Never 'show your hand' until this last 10-15 secs, otherwise the other bidder knows there is someone else out there waiting and watching as well and they my use the same tecnique!!

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