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Welcome to my guide on the Oregon ATC2K Action helmet Camera.  I've taken the time to write this guide because I want to share with you the simplicity of this wireless, handsfree video cam.  I believe the benefits and simplicity of this helmet cam are worth sharing.  I have been using this helmet camera extensively and offer you great tech support from battery usage to editing your next captured magic moments.  Visit my shop and my ME page regularly to see all the latest hot tips and tech info

The Oregon ATC2K Action Helmet Camera really is the most versatile and easy to use cam on the market.  Completely wireless you no longer have to lug around a great big video recorder which can be a very expensive piece off gear to risk getting wet or damaged while undertaking your favourite activity.

The Oregon Helmet Cam is waterproof to 3 metres and great for sharing those awesome snorkeling adventures and a real relief when getting wet and muddy if out motor crossing.

I have seen the Oregon ATC2K Action Helmet Camera used in a lot of different sports and extreme activities including jet skiing, windsurfing, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, skateboarding, paintballing, skydiving, parasailing just to name a few

Being able to share your magic moments easily with family and friends is awesome.  After a big day out riding, surfing, hang gliding whatever it maybe, you'll have more than just memories to share.

The Oregon ATC2K Action Helmet Camera comes with an AV cord which enables you to plug the helmet cam straight into your TV and instantly relive your latest adventure.  I play mine back on a 42inch Plasma and provided I've recorded at high resolution the quality is very impressive.

The Oregon ATC2K Action Helmet Camera also comes with a USB cord so you can download straight to your PC.  The first time you connect your Action Camera the required driver is installed automatically, enabling you to play your footage back through Windows Media Player.

The Oregon ATC2K Action Helmet Camera allows you to choose from three video resolutions: 640 x 480, 320 x 240 and 160 x 120 pixels.  High resolution video footage has better quality because it has more pixels. Lower resolution has fewer pixels but enables the user to take more footage. The duration of video footage your camera can take depends on the resolution you choose

To break it down into basics use the 2GB sd card and youll get 1 hour of high resolution filming which is my recommendation or you can go to the lowest resolution with the Sd card and get 12.5 hrs off filming but quality is compromised.The good thing is its easy to change your settings, I regularly film my highlights at the highest resolution if i find im running out of filming time i can just back the resolution setting down and get all the footage i require. If i know i want to go filming in remote places when on holidays i simply carry several SD cards

have included the chart below so you can see the different filming times and quality

As supplied using no SD card using only the 32mb internal memory

@ 640 x 480 using 30 frames per second = 52 seconds recording time

@ 640 x 480 using 15 frames per second = 1 min 20 seconds recording time

@ 320 x 240 using 30 frames per second = 1 min 30 seconds recording time

@ 320 x 240 using 15 frames per second = 3 min recording time

@ 160 x 120 using 30 frames per second = 4min 30 seconds

@ 160 x 120 using 15 frames per second = 10min 34 seconds

the figures below are using a 2GB San Disk SD card I highly recomend the use ofthe sd card

@ 640 x 480 using 30 frames per second = 1 hour

@ 640 x 480 using 15 frames per second = 1 hour 30 min

@ 320 x 240 using 30 frames per second = 1hour 45min

@ 320 x 240 using 15 frames per second = 3 hours 40 min

@ 160 x 240 using 30 frames per second = 5 hours 40 min

@ 160 x 240 using 15 frames per second = 12 hours 30 min

The Oregon atc2k action helmet cam is very easy to adjust your settings i guarantee within in the first hour you will have mastered all the settings. I also offer 24 hr technical support to all those that purchase through me at adventure-cam

thanks for taking the time to read my guide remember were always there to help with any questions click the link add to my favourite stores and visit reguarly to keep up to date with product advancements



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