xbox 360 freezes up while game playing

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why do my games on 360 keep freezing for no reason? I am positive there is nothing wrong with the games so it must be the 360


If you do know about cleaning basics, and you are able to describe to me ~how~ your games lock up, please disregard the rest of this answer and send a follow up detailing the info. It may be a specific cause to your problems, and I might be able to find a cause/solution

If not, read on:

In regards to the 360, you get quite a few machines in which one or many games lock up and not work. There are a few reasons for that.

- Sometimes problems are caused due to ventilation and overheating. Be sure to keep your 360 in an open area so that ventilation and cooling systems have a chance to breathe.

- It could also go down to the reader itself. I know of a buddy who put in a game that had a clear sticker on the disk... it came off and mucked up the reader. His machine still worked in some aspects, but not as good as before. Again, it could simply fall to dirt so make sure you keep the machine clean and things like dust etc have a lesser chance of interfering.

- For the record, I cannot say if those laser disc drive cleaners have any effect here, and they could be warranty busters, so remember prevention is better than cure, and clean the machine often.

- It could also fall to memory, so try loading up three other games to flush the memory, than the original one to see if that works.

There are just a few reasons why errors like that pop-up, but if you take care of the machine as if it were like a dvd etc, and keep it clean you will reduce these sorts of errors.
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